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Trade Fair

Small Stand – Great Effect

For the brand cooperation Garden Vision of the companies Kettler, Lechuza, Scheurich and Weber at the Ambiente 2010 Projektpilot breathes life into the fair design with a fantasy-inspiring garden landscape.

With the comic-like exaggeration of a flowering meadow the stand confuses the fair visitors concept of reality. The 48 sqm large stand has its successful premiere at the Frankfurt Consumer Goods Fair Ambiente. It is the perfect budgeting that helps Projektpilot score with a cost-effective implementation of the stand design without having to do without details. Thanks to the close cooperation with the customers and stand designers the fantastic concept becomes reality. The successful project with many charming solutions appeals positively to the visitors and is also implemented at the spoga/gafa.

Client: Kettler, Lechuza, Scheurich, Weber
Area: 48 sqm
Location: Ambiente, Frankfurt

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A 1930-1.jpg
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