Trade Fair

Projektpilot realizes the fair appearance of

Projektpilot realizes a variable fair concept for the city portal that will appear at several trade fairs on Human Resources all over Germany. At the fair Zukunft Personal 2014 in Cologne the abstracted city concept had ist third implementation. GmbH is the leading company with regard to the geographic range of its provision of local and regional information and, as such, it presents its competency as a regional recruitment platform at the fair Zukunft Personal. This objective is conveyed by a city concept that effectively draws attention to the matter and it exhibits the strong regional presence of the online marketing specialist with striking expressiveness. It is a stylized city landscape that consists of architectural elements and emotional graphics. Visitors can move within this landscape and become part of it. The city silhouette with panorama views of Cologne establishes the link with the enterprise’s headquarters and thus creates a visual as well as emotional connection with Visitors can inform themselves about the services of in a dialogue or by means of interactive stations.

Costumer: GmbH
Fair: Zukunft Personal, Köln
Size: 60 sqm
Photography: Lukas Palik
Partner: D’art Design Gruppe

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