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Trade Fair

The Perfect Wave

Projektpilot shows its service range with the help of an overdimensional cardboard tube wave at the EuroShop 2008. Celebrated by the international press as “Great Wall” or the “Wave of Success” the appearance has been honoured with several awards.

The fair appearance positions Projektpilot as a service provider for the realization of ambitious design projects. The service range can be experienced in fair appearance that is far from ordinary: Not only the stand area of 3 x 16.5 m is unusual, but also the material paper. 8,140 cardboard tubes with a weight of almost 18 tonnes were formed in the shape of a tridimensional cardboard wave. Therefore not only the visitors keep good memories of the eyecatcher, but it has also been awarded with the coveted Design Prize of the Federal Republic of Germany 2010, which honours the close cooperation of the Projektpilot realisateurs with the stand designers.

Area: 49.5 sqm
Location: EuroShop, Düsseldorf
Partner: D’Art Design Gruppe
Awards: Design Prize of the Federal Republic of Germany 2010, Edge Award 2009, Adam Award 2008

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A 1724-7.jpg
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