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Trade Fair

Familiar Reading Worlds

Overdimensional lamp shades already visualize from afar that visitors immerge in familiar reading worlds at the G & U fair appearance at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Projektpilot has been realizing the flexible stand concept on the international stage since 2008.

In the hustle of the book fair, the 200 sqm large area invites the fair visitors from all sides to immerge in the well-structured reading world of Gräfe and Unzer. Eight topic worlds of the market leader amongst the guide publishing companies are presented with almost archetypical construction elements. Partitions in the shape of overdimensional open book covers are the colour setting for the single brand worlds. Huge custom-made reading lamps above the book tables quote familiar reading places. Within the next five years Projektpilot will plan and realize in total 15 appearances for G & U at Europe’s largest book fairs.

Client: Gräfe und Unzer Publishing Company
Area: up to 200 qm
Location: Frankfurt Book Fair, London Book Fair, Leipziger Book Fair, Ambiente Frankfurt

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A 1802-2.jpg
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