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In 2010 Projektpilot realizes the information stand of the “mach’s mit” (“join in”) Aids campaign of the Federal Centre for Health Education BZgA. Planning, implementation and organisation of the roadshow were all in the package.

The stand translates the AIDS prevention campaign poster motif “Live Your Fantasies” into the third dimension. The direct confrontation with this vital topic is achieved playfully with multimedia tools that are integrated in the stand: Touch screens embedded in cushions show the BzgA internet presences “mach’s mit” and “Gib Aids keine Chance” (“Don’t Give Aids a Chance”). In a baroque frame there is a monitor instead of a mirror. It shows changing poster motifs. Here the visitor reflects the topic onto his own person. Projektpilot coordinates and realizes the information stand for the BZgA at conferences and congresses in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Client: Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA – Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung)
Area: 16 sqm
Location: Europe
Awards: Adam Gold 2009; Nominee of the Design Prize of the Federal Republic of Germany 2011

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